Tony Pizzolato

Tony Pizzolato

Louisiana Fish Fry Products traces its roots back to 1959 when Donaldsonville, Louisiana native Tony Pizzolato opened a small retail and wholesale produce business in the city of Baton Rouge. Realizing Baton Rougean's love for fresh seafood, Tony added crawfish, shrimp and crabs to his selection of produce. Soon he found the seafood outselling his produce. In 1972, Tony leased a large, abandoned service station to accommodate the steadily growing demand, and the buiness took off. Through Tony's hard work and his insistence that the business sell only the finest quality products, he, his wife Mary Lee, their five sons Bill, Joey, Mike, Cliff and Tad and their daughter Ceily turned what was once a small fruit stand into a thriving seafood business.

By the early 1980's, long lines of eager seafood buyers were becoming a common sight. LinesFish w tail grew even longer during crawfish season,
when Tony's Seafood often sold as much as 50,000 pounds of live and boiled crawfish in one day.

The deli inside the store was thriving as well, creating prepared dishes straight from Tony Pizzolato's original Cajun recipes as fast as patrons could order them...which, of course, which led the family to the realization that it was selfish not to share with the rest of the country.

So in 1982, the Pizzolato family began Louisiana Fish Fry Products and made it their mission to help make Cajun cuisine not only affordable and accessible to everyone, but quick and easy to prepare at home - a tradition Louisiana Fish Fry Products proudly continues today.




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